Bits and Pieces Weekend List

I have a few projects in the works that require bits and pieces of craft materials and that is what is on this weeks weekend list. My projects that use a little recycling and use some materials that I already have since helps my organization projects and there is less to organize! So lets get to the list..
(1) Felt and T-shirt circles. This uses up some of the old t-shirts that I have as well as about a yard of babe blue felt. This is project is not my idea but I saw a great tutorial and wanted to make this.
(2) Scrap Paper into Valentines' Day Craft. This is a cute and easy one that will be a decoration for my front door that looks so bare now that my Christmas wreath is gone.
(3) Dollar Store frame that needs a face lift and I have just the bits and pieces for just the right look. Should be interesting, easy and fun.
(4) And Lastly, a little organization of bits and pieces with my Dymo label maker. This is anew toy for me and I have only used it to label a few things, but really want to get organized first and then label everything I can so I spend less time searching for things.
So either all the bits and pieces will be used in a craft project or will be labelled. I think that sounds like a giant organization list to me! Enjoy!


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