A Hibernation Weekend List

I feel the need to hibernate from the cold and snow of this coming weekend. I probably have enough projects on my list to get be thru until spring but right now I just want to get thru the next few days with temperatures in the single digits. So before the weekend begins I am getting a head start and rounding up all my supplies to set me up for some warm Hibernation. So what is on the list.

(1) Update my Sofa Pillows. Theses need to be changed since the Zinnias no longer fit the season (they haven't for a few months) and would like a warmer and more colorful look.
(2) Cookie tray soon to be something really amazing and a decoration for my home. I have a few idea and I hope a least one of them works out.
(3) This coil of Leather, soon to be some sort of jewelry. An idea that I got from watching the Australian open!
(4) This is not a craft project, but will once it arrives. I need to order this rug (with a few tweaks) for my bedroom. I have been wanting this type of rug from Flor for a very long time and that time has finally come!
 So that is it for my Hibernation weekend.. I hope to get this done and a whole lot more so come back next week and see all my completions. Enjoy!


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