Southern Living Love

There is no doubt that I love magazines and can't get enough of them. I think it stems from the fact that my Mother was a librarian and would bring them home everyday after work. I am mesmerized by the glossy photos and the interesting places that they visit and write about. Recently I fell in love with entire issue of Southern Living,February 2011. Each page and section made me fall deeper and deeper. First it was the section Made by Southern Hands and this Winston Sweetheart Necklace.
Handmade in Raleigh by Hyla Dewitt, vist her website and you might fall in love too.(sigh)
 Then there was a home office redo that made me wish I had a space like this for my desk.
Complete with Seagrass chair and built in file cabinets. Who said you can't be in love with a desk.(sigh)
And then lastly a cottage remodel that made me miss Cottage Living magazine so much I looked for back issues online.
Love that huge pillow on the sofa and the art above the door.
And this Den with its large carriage light,salvaged chairs and lots of colorful pillows(double sigh)
Every page of the magazine held my attention for hours and I still can't stop looking at it. So I think I do have a problem and I am love with this magazine. That is until next months issue! Enjoy


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