A "It looks Boring" Weekend List

This weekends list looks like it could be a little boring because of what the projects look like before they are done. Just some simple items that I will transform into some wonderful home decor. So let's get started with the boring before photos.
(1) The rug for my bedroom has arrived from Flor. I can't wait to open it all up and put it together. I definitely will have before and after photos to show on this projet.
(2) Another Ikea Hack. This will be #4 for me and starts with these magazine holders that will transformed into another item that will not hold magazines.
(3) Frog Closures. I found the instructions for a Mandarin Closure in a Vintage sewing book. I think I might use this idea for a piece of jewelry.
(4) And Lastly, a couple of plastic trays from the Dollar Store that I will transform into something beautiful,, I swear.
So that is the list, doesn't look like much right now but I think the after photos will be amazing once they are done. Have a lovely Weekend and Enjoy!


  1. WOW! That's a lot planned for one weekend:D Can't wait to see all the finished projects :D


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