The Pantone Experiment : Cerulean Blue- Color of the Year for 2000

This is the beginning of my Pantone Experiment and to rediscover the colors picked by Pantone to be the color of the year. I will begin my study of the year 2000 pick, Cerulean Blue. Now the very first thing that came to mind when I read then name, was a line from The Devil Wears Prada and Amanda Priestly's comment about gowns made by Oscar de la Renta in the color and how the it was picked up by other designers and then trickled down into department stores where it was exposed to the masses.I thought it was a funny in the movie,but I am thinking the logic might not be off the mark. Since this is what I found in current publications and how the color is still widely used.
(1) The color is used in advertising and main page displays. Not shown is the facing page which also used this color for the length of the page. This is the main Index for Interior Design August 2010
(2) Interiors and accents. This room uses not only the color but a variation of it in many places thru out. Proving the the color is still important and used more than 10 years later. DIY Magazine Spring 2011
(3) In fabrics. I found dozens of images of fabrics with the color since it really is calming and does tend to work well with numerous colors.  Arc-com Fabrics.
(4) And Lastly Fashion. Now this one was actually the easiest to find, since if you open any fashion magazine you are sure to see someone in jeans and this color blends well with jeans. InStyle Magazine November 2010.
So I guess Amanda was right and eleven years later the color is still with us in many forms. I wonder if that is the plan with these colors of the year? To introduce a color and to see how far it can influence areas of lifestyle. Hmm.. I might be on to something and I will have to see once I look at the next color Pantone 17-2031 Fuchsia Rose, the color for 2001. Enjoy!


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