The Pantone Experiment

Recently Pantone announced that the color of 2011 was Honeysuckle. I thought Honeysuckle was yellow since Honey is part of the name, but hence it is a rosy pink. So I thought it might be interesting to see what colors Pantone chose over the last decade and below are the colors form 2000-2011
At first I thought I saw a trend since there is so much red,orange and blue and the colors almost repeat over the twelve year period. But with a closer look they are all unique. So over the next 12 weeks I will explore each  color of the decade (even though there are 12 and not 10) to see how each one has influenced the items we buy or create for our homes. So come back next week when I start with 2000 and color was Cerulean # 15-4020 a nice calming blue to start the 2000's!


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