What I Saw Wednesday - Changing the ISO Setting

I my attempt to learn how to use other settings on my Camera other than Auto, I have been taking photos of what I see during the week and tweaking some settings. This week I changed the ISO (Light sensitivity) and it is a hold over from the film camera days and film speed. Now I completely understand film speed from my days with my Old Canon AE-1 Days. So I started by just walking around my work warehouse and snapping some shots.
Leather 1 - ISO at 800
I like this nice detail in the grain of leather and the light is coming from above. Washes out the white leather but I love the contrast of the green and brown.
Leather 2 - ISO 400
There was over head lighting that was shining down on this lovely blue leather, giving it a very shiny appearance, when in fact it it is really not shiny.
Light Bulbs -ISO 800
In a very dark corner of the warehouse, these bulbs are stored and I thought they looked interesting. Not much light, but some it is reflected of the metal ends.
Leather Bins - ISO  800
Some natural light from the windows behind me in this photo giving a nice natural look and pleasing to the eye.
Baseballs 1 = ISO 1000
This was taken in a very dark spot and the light is coming from above and behind (what there is of it) and yet again tends to make the balls look shiny and seems to be a bit of noisy as that makes the photo grainy.
I think I learned that you can take photos in different light conditions without a flash. The flash to me sometimes throws to much light and tends to wash the color out of photos. So this test really taught me how to use the ISO setting and I will continue to use it and incorporate other functions of the camera. It was a great learning experience and I recommend that if you have these types of settings on your own camera to fool around with them and see what kind of great photos you can produce. This has opened up a whole new world for me and I will be back next week to tackle another setting. Enjoy!


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