What I Saw Wednesday - Getting a Little Creative

I am still experimenting with the ISO setting on my camera since it allows me to be creative with light. On Tuesday we had break somewhat from the cold and snowy weather with freezing rain. I was hoping (only for interesting photo sake) that there would be trees covered in ice and would make for some nice creative photos. But it was only a trace of ice and most was on my windshield so I made he best of it.
I caught it just as it was starting to melt.  With just enough light from above and partially shadowed by the house. Next I thought I would next change the color of the photo to add more creativity.
Now this is cropped a bit but the change in color makes it easier to see the texture of the ice. I really like the effect. Next are a couple of tree outside my work place that look like something from Dr Seuss.
Now it had more snow mounds on it before it rained, but once I changed the color of it, it became more interesting.
So I learned that a little creativity can change a boring photo into to something interesting or even maybe art! Enjoy!


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