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One of my New Years Resolutions was to learn how to use my fabulous camera that I got for my Birthday in June. I have been using for over six months with the setting on Auto and seriously need to learn all that my Canon Rebel XS can do. I just happened to read in Macworld Magazine this weekend that Auto is great for good point and shoot photos but taking it off Auto and experiencing what I can do is the first step. So I decided to take a few photos with their suggestions and the following is what happened.
New Year's Eve Glass of Champagne I
This was taken with no flash and on Program AE mode in which the camera selects the aperture and shutter speed but you can change other settings such as ISO (image sensor sensitivity to light). Here is another shot as well in this mode.
New Year's Eve Glass of Champage II
This one I totally love since you can see the color of the glass reflected in the bubbles. Once again on program and did not touch any other settings. Now that I am reading and looking at these photos, it makes me want to really start changing the ISO setting. Next is a photo I took just last night on the front of our house. Over the weekend all our snow melted but luckily it snowed Monday night and I was able to get this shot.
There are two things wrong with this photo, one is that I did not use a tripod and should have since the lights are blurred from pressing the shutter and second I should have adjusted the aperture to let more light in. I will try to see if I can take this photo again later this week and see if I can do a better job. I took another photo last night of the tree branches covered in snow and I do like this one.
I love how the light is shinning down on the snow. This I would also like to try again and see if I can get a more interesting shot of the ornaments and snow. So this is the first step in my Photography resolution and I think that I have made progress. Now I just need to practice what I have learned and move on to Aperture settings!  Enjoy!


  1. WOW -- I would frame those bubbly pictures, Janet. They are so unique and the colors and shapes are intriguing. I love them.

  2. Those are pretty amazing pics! I've always wanted to learn more about photography!


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