Estate Sale Finds

I attended an Estate sale this weekend that promised to have loads of jewelry and I was not disappointed.It was a small home and from talking with those running the sale, the women was once a model. There were numerous tables of jewelry and purses as well as closets full of clothes. My main focus was to look for jewelry items that I could take apart and remake into other pieces.So here are the items I bought and my plans for their remake.
A very lovely gold vermeil chain belt with coins that I almost don't want to take apart since it is so nice, but it is super small and does not fit me (she was model!). All the coins will be remade into pendants and reused for some other creation.
A pair of handmade zipper earrings that look like they are at least ten years old and well before the zipper craze of today. A linked belt with a embossed floral pattern that would great as a necklace or pendants. And a large faced linked watch, that I just might keep for myself since after cleaning it, it looked shiny and new,although it needs a battery.
And lastly this kitschy, super small,city skyline medallion belt. I love it and plan to use each one as a pendant possibly attached with strip of leather or maybe some interesting chain. There are twelve medallions so I guess I need twelve unique designs! There was so much more jewelry at the sale, but I had to control myself and just buy a few things to retain my focus. But it was a successful trip and I came home with a few treasures. Come back next week and see what I create with my finds! Enjoy!


  1. Can't wait to see what you make with that belt. I have something similar with cameos on it; from who knows when, but definitely not in style, anymore.


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