A Fabric,Leather,Glass & Paper Weekend List

This weekend's list consists of many different materials I would like to work with and the projects that I might make with them. Here is the list of my materials.
(1) Fabric. I have some great fabrics that I am working with to update my living room and bedroom. They are all pretty fun and can't wait to show the results.
(2) Leather. Some leather strips that I have some great ideas for interesting jewelry.
(3) Glass. A canning jar that I have an idea for that would be a cute teacher gift or shower favor.
(4) Paper. I have an idea that involves coral and paper. Without giving it away, come back next week and see what I come up with.
Now that is my material list for the weekend and so now I need to gather up my supplies and start working on my designs! Come back next week and see what I create. Enjoy!


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