Inspiration Board

I get inspiration for ideas from things I see everyday. My brain gets an idea and takes off in so many directions that sometimes I can't write them down fast enough. I also mark pages in Magazines and books hoping to refer to them later, but never do. That is why I need a Inspiration board.

 I have this huge board in my office and I think this will work just fine, but need to work on the design before I share it.  One of the first things I would add to the board would be from Ready Made Magazine.
This is a Showroom Nook of Erica Wiener who creates vintage inspired accessories. I love no only what she makes but the way it is presented and displayed. Another inspiration comes from another of my favorite magazines, Southern Living.
This is Spruce in Austin,Tx that repurposes and save furniture from landfills. You can even take a class to learn how to reupholster your own chair. This inspires me to recycle more,learn to upholster and understand that unique ideas can becomes businesses. Now that I have a few things for my inspiration board, I guess I should start working on the board first. Noted and added to the list! Enjoy!


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