New Flor Rug

I recently purchased a rug from Flor for my bedroom. I have been waiting for about 2 years to buy it and decided it was time to hit the buy button. I started the process by first visiting their website and using their florbuilder to design my rug.
I chose Easy as Pie tile in brown,white and tan. The tiles have a slight texture to them that is hard to see online but once the arrived I liked the somewhat variegated texture even more. The floor in my bedroom started out looking like this.
Lovely hard wood that is very cold in the winter and needs a little warmth. The rug will be mostly under and around the perimeter of the bed, so we found the center of the headboard wall and started the first row of tiles.
Once the center row is done then we started with the rest of the rug. The pieces are adhered together with simple sticky flor dots that are used in the corners.
Once it gets going it is really easy and only took about an hour to construct.
And then it was done. 
Now the colors look more like black and white, but it is definitely a dark brown and white which changes the look of the room. As well as some of the decor will need to be changed to fit better, but isn't that how updates always end up? You always have to update something else! The Flor tiles are very well made and they were quick to ship(I received them in less than a week). So take a look at their website and see what designs you can come up with and Enjoy!


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