The Sun - Before and After

I have had this colorful sun for a few years and was originally suppose to hang above our bed.
That is not where it ended up although, it hung on an opposite wall staring at me every night. It was time for a change once our new rug arrived and introduced some new colors to the room and the Blues and gold no longer looked quite right. Time to paint. My first choice would be to spray paint it, but since it is well below 50 degrees here, spraying it outside was not an option and either was spraying it inside for that matter. So I reluctantly used a brush and regular acrylic white paint.
When first started to paint, I had a panic attack and thought "do I really want to do this"but the more progress I made the better the sun looked. It needed (and possibly will need) two coats of white paint to cover the blue but I think it looks fabulous already.
It's not on the wall yet, but I will be soon with some art work (if I can find something I like). I think I did the right thing by painting it with a brush since it gave it texture and it makes the two different sets of rays stand out from each other. The lesson today is to take a chance and paint something and Enjoy!


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