A Valentine's Day Weekend List

I think most people will be celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend since the Holiday falls on Monday this year,so I was thinking that my weekend list would also be Valentine inspired. This is what I have on my holiday weekend list.
(1) Pantone chips. This actually is Pantone color 17-2031 Color of the Year 2001. Fuchsia Rose. I am not much of a pink fan but I have a few ideas for this chip and others as possibly jewelry.
(2) Ruffle Necklace. As seen in Ready Made Magazine. Uses a zipper and less than a 1/2 yard of fabric to construct and even a beginner can make it. I will have to see about that!
(3) A Dictionary heart craft. I found this old dictionary at an Estate sale and have a lovely Valentine craft planend for it. Don't worry,(David) I will not be cutting it up, just using it in some way.
(4) Fabric Flowers. Now I had an idea a few weeks ago for a fabric flower and then I saw these on Etsy made by Janejoss and fell in love with them. I am not going to copy them since my idea is a little different but I will use them for inspiration or I might just buy one, I think they are stunning.
And that is my list for the Valentine's Day weekend, just a few projects inspired by the holiday with color,romance,words and flowers. Enjoy!


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