A Weekend Update List

No,it's not a skit from Saturday Night live, it's my list for the weekend. It's time to update a few things since it seems to be that time of year. The new addition of the Flor Rug to our bedroom has started a whole list of decor I now want to change. The rug has changed the entire feel of the room and some items just don't fit any longer. So here is list of the updates that have on my list.
(1) Sun mirror. I would like to change this to white with just a little spray paint. I think it would look stunning in white hanging above the bed. It's not very large so I think I might have to pair it with other items.
(2) New decorative pillows. Well, actually pillow cover since that is what they currently are. I love the flowers but with the rug and the new white items, they just don't work. I am looking at a Brown and White geometric along with possible a new long pillow in a solid in Summery Green.
(3) New frames and/or paint the old ones. I had these above the bed and never quite settled what to put in them. I now think they are too dark and possible only need two along with the repainted sun.
(4) Sell some Stuff. Now to fund all these updates I will need to sell a few things, so to make little extra cash I will be adding a few of these to my Etsy shop and hope to make some interesting items from the Estate Sale I will visit tomorrow.
And that is the Weekend update list, Now back to your regular programing! Enjoy!


  1. I think the sun will look stunning in white. Make sure to show the results.


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