What I Saw Wednesday - Pantone color 17-2031 Fuchsia Rose

I am continuing my study of Pantone colors of the year. Today I will be looking at Fuchsia Rose which was the color of the year in 2001
Now not one of my favorite colors to look at, wear or have in my home, but I have noticed it does have a big influence in clothing,advertising and home goods especially at this time of year. It's Valentines's Day and Spring combined into one color. I first noticed it on a page of an Ulta  catalog.
Not only it the wording in Fuchsia Rose, but the products are in the color as well and such a nice contrast against the lemony yellow. Certainly makes me think of spring and look at the ad just a tad longer. Then I noticed that I seem to have fabrics in this color as well in my stash.
Some lovely Brenda Pinnick fabric that I won as a giveaway and it is really beautiful and I have used it for a few projects. The colors are vibrant and almost tropical and makes me think of Summer. The color has also influenced home accents and fashion as well.
From silky rose tiebacks to Louis Vitton bags and..
Nail polish..
To Designer frocks..
All the way down to my favorite Fiskars scissors that I have had for over ten years.

The influence of Pantone 17-2031 is vast and spans over many years. And now looking at all the images I think I might like the color just a little more then when I starting writing about it. Hmm, I wonder if that is what Pantone tries to accomplish with it's color of the year. I might have to investigate this further and research more as well. But for now Enjoy!


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