Am I Blue

Am I blue, well not actually I just have a bit of a spring cold and it has been been showing in my blogging this week as short and not so interesting posts. Combined with the snow and the cold, I guess I am a bit blue and it's so funny that it is my favorite color. I just can't get away from the color and this weeks mailbox of magazines are full of the color as well.
Via Martha Stewart Living, these cool blues make me calm and long for the garden.
Easter Egg from Women's day inspires me and reminds me that this color is everywhere this spring and need to paint something. A combination of Tiffany Blue and Spring Green. Could it be Sea Foam Green?
Ah,the lazy days of a hot summer day and a lovely dress to spend it in and the fact that it is my favorite color, even better. 
Okay I now I think I am feeling a little better just by looking at these images. Amazing what a little magazine therapy will do! Enjoy!


  1. Those blue images are beautiful -- I especially like the egg. If I'm not mistaken, Target featured a lot of blue and white items in their sale paper this week, too.


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