The Birth of an Idea

I often wonder where other people get there ideas from. Is it a connection with an object that leads from one idea to another? or is it a specific place like a vortex in which ideas flow freely and the mind can explore all corners of the universe?  Recently I have noticed that I get great ideas in one of two places, not very exciting places but good for mind wandering. First is the shower..
I am not sure why, it might the water hitting the back of my head and stimulating some dark area of my feeble brain or it is just the calming sound of the water. No matter what it is it has been a very good place for me to think and be alone with my brain. Only drawback is I can't write anything down, which means I need to remember it when I get out. Not so easy since once I am out, the ideas disappear like the water down the drain. I guess I need a notebook right there when I get out.
 Second place is in bed and the time between sleep and awake.
So many times I have had the idea of the century before falling asleep only to wake up the next day and remember nothing of it. A tricky place for an idea since do you wake up and write it down or  do you (like me) tell yourself that you will remember it in the am. I have at times written things down but then can't understand or  read it in the morning (Seinfeld episode). Maybe the voice recorder on my ipod will work or the note pad on that too. Hmm, I must find a solution before all these great ideas go back in hiding in my brain. Any Suggestions?


  1. I know what you mean, and I have no best ideas come when I am knee deep in a project....usually when I am making pottery and I am right in the middle of shaping and my hands and apron are covered in clay, or when I have just poured out a bunch of paint or adhesive that I don't want to dry up wrong....or when I am driving with two kids and chaos in the car! Too bad!

  2. I type things into the memo pad on my blackberry or voice record things. My only problems with this is that I have so much trouble falling asleep and it wakes me up even more :( but, it works for me.


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