Colorful Easter Egg Garden

I wanted to created something simple and easy for Easter,so I headed to the Dollar Store and bought a pack  6 plastic eggs.

At first I thought I was going to use multiple fabrics to make eggs look like Hungarian Eggs, but as with any idea, it changed in the process of making them. I started with leftover two tone fabric since it would keep the design simple.
The I started to cut various shapes from the fabric and apply to the egg with Mod Podge.
It went fairly quickly, but I will say cut your pieces first and then glue since you fingers will get really messy. I then took three other eggs and did the same thing to them but with different fabrics and shapes.
I used little juice glasses to set them into dry and also hold them in place while I worked on them. Once they were completely dry, I gave them each one extra coat of Mod Podge. Next I poked a hole in the bottom of each and inserted three pieces of floral wire. Then I took a small terra cotta pot with styrofoam in the bottom and inserted the floral wire. Covered it up with some faux grass and then I had a Easter Egg Garden!
I think it turned out so cute! I thought I might want to make some sort of door decoration out of them, but I think I might leave them alone.
So Easy
And Simple.. And they can be used in different ways!


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  2. aw very cute!

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