Paint Chips and Cabin Fever

I am catching a little cabin fever lately and feel the need to paint something. Maybe something small like the interiors of a closet will take care of the problem. Quick and easy with almost instant results and if it does look good I can just close the door. I haven't started looking at paint chips yet, but it seems like they come right to my mailbox. From Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine..
Beautiful colors of green,yellow and gold that make me think of spring. I am thinking maybe Light Avocado or Cornucopia for the inside of the linen closet with possibly a subtle geometric pattern?
Or maybe Olive Martini or Meadow lands. Two very calm sounding colors that might cure my fever and help me with this small project.
Or may Little Sprout or Bamboo Shoot? Those both sound green and refreshing and so different from the grey and gloomy skies of pre-Spring days lately. I love them all how am I going to chose? Time to stop looking before the fever gets worse and I decided to repaint every room! Enjoy!


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