Paper & Fabric Floral Art

Back in September I made a fabric art pumpkin and it so fun and easy to create, that I thought I would make another for the spring.

 I started with an image of an outline of petals.
I normally try to draw or cut them free hand, but I wanted them to be perfect. Next I decided to use a 16" x 18" canvas that I had leftover from some other painting projects.
Then I selected some Fabrics in spring colors.
I painted my canvas green,cut some petals out of the fabric and cut stems and centers from old book pages and then applied it all with Mod Podge.
I then had some interesting and beautiful spring art. I gave it away as a gift so the flowers can be enjoyed all year.
But I might make another one since it was so easy and I have tons of fabrics and paper that I can use.
Happy Spring & Enjoy!


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