The Spring Fever Weekend List

It's been building all week, I officially have spring fever and it snowing here today. My weekend list will have to make me get over my spring fever and avert my attention away from the snow. Let's get to the list.
(1)Spring Fever means Sun. I have a project in mind that will help me find the sun with these..
(2) Spring Fever means Flowers. I have used this lovely scrapbook paper on some other projects, but I have a few pieces left and have an idea in mind.
(3) Spring Fever reminds me of my childhood and when the weather would change and we could play out side. I have an idea that incorporates this childhood favorite.
(4) Spring Fever means enjoying an lime adult beverage outside on a warm sunny afternoon. Now I have a few of these hanging around from last summer and can't wait to recycle them into something to wear!
So I hope this list cures the Spring Fever or at least it might keep me occupied not to look out the window! Have a great weekend and Enjoy!


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