The Trash to ? Weekend List

I am not sure where my obsession for collecting junk came from. I see a piece of junk by the side of the road and I think numerous possibilities for it. Most the time the junk never makes it home with me, but a few things do and then I wait for the inspiration to transform it. Today's list is all about a few things that I have in my Trash Stash.
(1) Record Storage bins.
These came to me via my Husband who was given some LPs stored in this bin. I actually have two and they have been graciously waiting for a makeover since the Fall. I have two super ideas for both.

(2) Copier Toner Containers.
I found these in the garbage can at work (on the top) and could not let them be thrown out. Super heavy plastic and orange! What could be better! They almost look like modern art. I have had these for a few months and thought about using them for Halloween, but I have another idea.

(3) Old Map Paper.
These are sheets of paper from maps from the US Forestry Department. I have had these for years and use to write (what?) letters with them. Found them last weekend looking for something else. Let's see what I can create with them.

(4) Old Magazines.
I have tons of these that need to be recycled and most are headed to my local library, but some are so difficult to part with since the images as so lovely. Some day these type of print magazines will be extinct   so I will have to enjoy (or recycle) them now.

So that is the list of my Trash and hopefully all my ideas will actually become projects! Have a great weekend and Enjoy!


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