What I Saw Wednesday- Crafts from the Past

Some years ago I was introduced to a craft that held my attention for many years. While visiting my sister at college I came across a tiny cross stitch kit in a store not far from the campus. I think it was basket of flowers and I finished it about an hour. It started a whole new obsession that lasted for about 10 years during my teens and twenties. Most of what I made I gave away as gifts and did not keep for myself, but I always took photos.
Baby Basket Shower gift with Noah's Ark Cross Stitched ribbon.
Cross Stitch Initial on a Sweatshirt for my college roommate Wendy. It's so 80's!
Hearts in Quilt Patterns samples. This I think I made in to a pillow and gave to a friend's mother. 
It is so funny how colors and crafts have changed over the last 25 years (when all of the above was made). The sophistication of ideas and patterns are more precise but simpler. I look at these as works of art and tests of dedication to complete a project. And luckily I have proof that I made them with my archive of photos! Enjoy!


  1. Cross-Stitch ...now that's patience! Janet, that sweatshirt is outstanding! I think I saw someone wearing it in Fast Times at Ridgemount High! ;)


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