Blue and Green Spells Spring

It's no secret that I love the colors blue and green,each color is everywhere in my home. So when the May 2011 Elle Decor arrived in my mailbox yesterday I could not be happier with some of the home furnishings in my favorite colors.
The subtle greens and browns of this bedding from The Company Store makes me want to rethink my bedroom update. I love the eco green and brown leaves and it would work well with the new rug and wall art.
I think I just want to frame this ad for Madeline Weinrib fabrics and use it as art. These are stunning fabrics in Lime Green and Black and I could use them in my outdoor living space this summer.
Who doesn't like a calming Blue bedroom from Eastern Accents. I could spend all Sunday Morning in that bed thinking about all the projects I have to get finished.
And lastly a bit of Blue and Green tile called Silk Road from New Ravenna. They are custom made tiles in glass and stone. I love the color combination and would use this sparingly in my little home since the pattern is so bold. Possible an outdoor table top?
So Blue and Green really spell Spring to me since it makes me what to freshen up my home for spring. So what is you favorite color for Spring updating?


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