Garbage or Modern Art

I recently rescued two interesting toner packages from the garbage can at work. The first caught my eye since they were bright orange and plastic. Sitting right on the top of the garbage I snapped them up in a second since I knew that they would have a better life with me rather in some landfill or recycle center.
They are not identical but they both have interesting shapes that made me think of Modern Art Sculptures or Modular Furniture. I knew I could use them some how as an accent in my home. First I outlined the angles with a black Sharpie.
I liked the way it looked at with the black lines so I placed them on display.
To me they look like a combination of Color Block Art, Tron and a Modular Robot all in one. I then thought they needed a little something and proceeded to ruin them.
I added my own color block with green paper. Now I must say that it now looks like it belongs back in the garbage can and proceed to remove the paper. 
Ah now that is better. I guess they just needed a little black ink and now they are modern art and have a home in my media cabinet! Enjoy!


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