Mosaic Tile Necklace

I love the clearance section at most stores. Usually at the end of an aisle or one huge section with a mishmash of stuff. Recently on a trip to Michael's, I found clearance items mixed in with the regular priced items. I assume this is a new way to place clearance items to make customers hunt for the deals. I actually came across these by mistake while looking for jewelry findings.
They were $0.99 Mosaic Magic tiles. From the photo on the package I assume that they are to be used for small tile projects like the clock that is shown. I bought them with another idea in mind. since I like the flower shape and the color.
I added a bail and a small silver chain and I had a summery flower pendant.
Then I added a Vintage Button and a little Dimensional Magic and had what looks like a Sunflower pendant.
Lastly I added a few bugle beads, a Venetian Glass bead and Dimensional Magic and have a unique pendant for the summer.
So fun and easy and cost be $0.99 for three pendants! Makes me want to search the clearance sections even more and this time not by mistake!


  1. Thanks for replying and sending me the link to the finished product. Looks great!

  2. The clearance section is my favorite part of any store and I gravitate to it as soon as I go in any store! lol Love this idea, I have the hardest time seeing things in a different perspective! Great Job on all three!

  3. Great idea!
    Is the piece ceramic or glass?

  4. Wow! That looks fabulous:) Great job!!

  5. This is so pretty! And it's easy enough for a klutz like me to do. Thanks so much for sharing.

    You're more than welcome to link this up to my party:

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

  6. Very unique take on a plain tile turned fabulous accessory! Great re-purpose.

  7. This is beautiful! Linking this up with us made the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop better and more special. Thank you!


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