Pillowcase Dresses Completed!

I have a Baby Shower in about a week and I had to finish the Pillowcase dresses this weekend. I started with a pattern that I borrowed from my Sister-in-Law (Thanks, Margie!)..
and some fabrics in the favorite colors of Blue and White of the Mom to be...
Now I made the simple Pillowcase dress and not the halter dress shown above since I thought for a 0-3 month old it might not be that comfortable with a tie or knot on the back of the neck. So I opted for the simple dress that ties on the side. They sewed up pretty quickly once I got thru one and decided to make three instead of two!
Now I may change the color of the ribbon at the neck to Navy since I not sure I like the white,plus it is off white.
I love the two patterns together and the colors are so fun and summery.
I think this is my favorite and I would love a dress like this for myself! The blue and white fabric is actually a linen like and was a dream to sew with. It is light and airy and perfect for this new baby due in Mid July!
They are super easy and addicting to make, so try to sew one and you will be making dozen of them!


  1. Beautiful and so teeny tiny! Good job! Thanks for linking up at Fancy Friday!

  2. So cute! I am going to have to try making one for the little girl across the street. My DD is nineteen and not so much into wearing "cute" stuff anymore...LOL!

  3. Cute! come and join our party: http://fabricbowsandmore.blogspot.com/

  4. These are the cutest dresses! Thanks so much for linking up to my link party. I hope you'll be a regular!

  5. Very creative! Love your ideas. Stopping by from http://jbmthinks.com. Would love to have you visit my blog!

  6. Super cute dresses! Following you from the fancy friday blog hop, have a great weekend.


  7. I agree with changing it to the navy ribbon, they look absolutely fabulous!! Great job!
    Following you from THE HOP!


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