A Weekend Jewelry List

I think I have a problem. I become obsessed with a item and I can't let it go. Lately it has been jewelry and I can't stop making new items. They are fun, quick easy and I can make numerous pieces in just a few hours. So this weekends list it all about some things I might make.
(1) Dictionary Art Pendants
I have an old dictionary that has wonderful images and I cant wait to make some pendants with. Plus some other interesting printed materials from the recycle bin that might be fun as pendants as well
(2) Finish some Pendants (yes more)
These are actually pendant bails that I ordered from Etsy at a super price and quick shipping. They are difficult to find in my local stores and when I do find them they are expensive. I have tons of ideas (plus some that are done on the craft table already!)
(3) Knock Off! 
I am in love with this necklace at Ann Taylor loft but not about to pay $40 for it. So I plan to Knock it off with some recycled jewelry pieces as well as possibly some buttons!
(4) Etsy

My little shop is looking a bit sad and I need to spruce it up with the some new pendants that I have been creating. Hopefully over the weekend I can add a few things and freshen it up!
So that is it for the weekend! Hopefully I have tons of projects completed to show you next week! Enjoy!


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