Weekend List on Thursday

I preparing for a long Holiday weekend and I planning my weekend list today. I plan on taking a break from blogging tomorrow to catch up on some projects and some important errands. That still means that I have list that I would like to complete although.
(1) Chain. I thinking about making a few more necklaces with this chain that I used for my Cityscape Necklace. Possibly a three tiered necklace with some flowers?
(2) Bias Tape. Now I bought a whole lot of this last summer on Etsy and I do use is for other projects,but I have an idea that involves some recycling too that might just use up a good amount of it.
(3) Charm Necklace. A coworker wore this necklace the other day and she thought it might be something that I could make. I have plenty of little pendants and beads, so it is quite possible I could recreate this necklace.
(4) And lastly, Have a lovely Easter and a great Weekend!



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