The "Back to It" Weekend List

It has been two weeks since I have complied a weekend list and have been so busy that I have had no time to think about new projects. But luckily I have running list that I add to everyday so I have picked a few that I would really like to attempt.
(1)Yesterday while waiting in line at Joann's I saw these again in the $1.00 bins. I have seem them so many times and keep thinking there has to be something I can make with them.
(2) Twist Ties. I have this idea for Twist Ties that will help with organization around the house and includes a little recycling too!
(3) Bib Jewelry. I think this is made from buttons or are they ribbon or fabric Yo-Yos? Not sure but I will try to recreate if possible.
(4) And lastly a plain old hanger. I have a project that will remake some hangers into something (I think) really amazing!
So that is the Back to it List and I hope to have a few things to share with you next week. Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy!


  1. HA! I bought some of those same tags while standing in line @ JoAnn's. Haven't done anything w/ them yet either but couldn't resist.


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