Beach Chair$

Now that the weather has changed from pouring rain to just showers, it's time to get all the patio furniture out and really get ready for summer. All the magazines and store ads are full of great deals on patio furniture and beach accessories. I came across these chairs in Elle Decor June 2011 for the beach and immediately fell in love with them..
I love the stripe seat in Sunbrella fabric and the simple design. They then showed up again in Martha Stewart Living June 2011.
Same chair,but different fabric and use as seating around a fire pit. They are lovely but at $160 each there has to be a less expensive option. And there is..
The Christmas Tree Store has them for less than $30 each! Maybe not as many choices of fabric but who sees it once your are sitting in it? And you can get a whole set for the price of the pricer chair!

PS: The winner of the Freschetta Winner is Sourkrat! Please email me your info and I will get your coupon and cutting board out to you right away. Thanks for entering and hope to have more giveaways soon!


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