I'm in Chains

Well I'm not really in chains, but my neck is draped with them ever since I found this spool of chain and some other interesting links few weeks back. It was all under $5 for both and I made some very pretty statement jewelry.
I had planned to make one necklace but the spool was 7 yards long and I knew that was more than enough for one. So I made several and here are my creations.
One Super long Necklace with some large circle links added and a semi long with some oval shaped links. You basically cut a length of chain, open a link and attach and close link to the other end. Very Easy. You can get more creative and add other types of links. As in this necklace I used the leftover ovals links from this necklace that I made and blogged about last month.
It also used the coil of change as well. Now I thought it would also be interesting to combined a few of my creations together.
Now this is my Estate Sale find belt buckle necklace with a medium length chain necklace.All these are easy to create and make a huge statement when you wear them. A friend commented that I looked like a bad a%% when I wore them, not sure but I did feel pretty sassy!


  1. These are just lovely.

    Visiting from Fireflies and Jellybeans.

  2. Love them! And what a great deal on chain!!!

  3. What a steal ( steel?) deal on chain! I am loving chain for all my jewelry projects lately. Very nice!

  4. These are great! I just started making jewelry last month and I'm always looking for inspiration; thanks for sharing! :)


  5. Gorgeous I have been wanting to start making necklaces I have a box full of old vintage jelwery thank u for the inspiration!

  6. These are really pretty! It looks so easy to do but it makes a huge statement when you wear them!

  7. Yay! SO glad you linked these up to my "BFF" link party!

  8. Just became a follower of your blog. I LOVE these chains! Great idea. :)

  9. Great idea - makes me want to make some jewelr, too!


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