Landscaping Dilemma

I am in the process of trying to design our landscaping for our front yard. I had not given it much thought yet this spring since the weather has not been cooperative and I have not been in the planting mode. This is what my front yard looks like in Late July.
The Black-Eyed Susan's will be gone since they grow like crazy and I think I am over the messy and organized way they look by the summers end. So we have decided to pull out all the bushes and flowers and start with a clean slate. I found a few inspirations in magazines and I think I have a few ideas for possible designs.
This is a similar house, slightly larger, but I like what they have done with the garden, except for the pergola.
Natural and low plants with mulch, very organized and pleasing to the eye.
Another before, now this is not similar at all to my home,except the garden looks to be the same shape and sizes as mine.
I like the low shrubs of all the same size and variety in front and larger different shrubs on the sides.Now I just need to research the plants and shrubs to pick the correct varieties for my location. I have tons of work ahead of me and I plan to document the entire process with photos. Hopefully I won't bore you all too much with all many details! Enjoy!


  1. I think if you tear out all the bushes , you're going to need a focal point, or it's going to look too sparse with low plants. In both of the pics there is the central focal point of the porch roof or pergola. Personally, I like the pergola idea for your house and it should not be a great commitment if you decide you don't care for it.


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