Laundry Hamper Update

I purchased this hamper about two years ago after a long search for something sturdy and attractive.
It was exactly what I wanted and came with a removable cotton laundry bag. The only problem with the bag is that over the last two years it has started to rip in the corners.
I had numerous ideas on how to solve this problem from making a new bag with better grommets to replacing the bag with a tall basket. But the frugal part of me found a different way to solve it. First I removed all the grommets and saved them to be used later on another project.
And then gathered my materials..
Four elastic cut in to 3 3/4" Pieces
And a length of recycled off white woven cotton ribbon.
I then pinned the ribbon around the perimeter of the bag along with the elastic pieces.
I sewed four times around to secure the ribbon,backstitching when I came to the elastic. Once I was done, stitched a re-enforcing box over the elastic pieces.
Very hard to see, but it will help to keep the elastic in place and hopefully prevent it from ripping.
Then I hung it back in the hamper and now it actually fits better since it now sits in the bottom! A super easy project that cost me nothing except about an hour sewing! One more to do project off my list, only 50 plus more to go! Enjoy!


  1. Good fix!! I've been hunting for a nice hamper for a couple years now.. but the nice ones want to break my bank! This gives me ideas.. hmm.. :)


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