What I Saw Wednesday- 1980 Olympics

I lovely the Olympics and with Lake Placid only a few hours away, it would seem like I would have visited numerous times in my life. But there where always other places to visit, until this past weekend. Now some Thirty years later, I got to relive the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid,NY.

Doors to the Herb Brooks Arena
The Miracle On Ice (with no ice)
The Olympic Center and the 1932 Arena
The last outdoor Speed Skating Oval used in an Olympics.
The Ski Jumps.
Luge and Bobsled tracks.
The Flame Cauldron.
It was a trip back thru time and a lovely getaway. All the venues brought back memories of a time when the worlds eyes where on this small town in New York and athletic competition was the only thing important. Enjoy!


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