A "What is it Going to Be" Weekend List

The weekend is quickly approaching and I have so much garden work do to since it has been raining for 3 weeks. It is a jungle out in my yard so I have a few outdoor and indoor (well maybe completed on the patio) projects on my list. Here are a few to get me started.
(1) I won this bracelet and I love the bead but don't like how it looks on my wrist,So I am thinking about transforming it into another piece of jewelry. 
(2) I will be visiting the Nursery later today to fill my planters with all sorts of lovely flowers. I thinking about doing something a little different this year and maybe incorporating some decorative grasses with my flowers.
(3) Pipe cleaners. I have this idea that might work and might not. It happens to use scrap fabric,flip flops and a little imagination.
(4) Designing a plan for this now empty front yard. All our shrubs have now been pulled out (except for the stumps) and now we are left with an empty slate. A little sculpting of the gardens needs to be done and then we can start planting, just need to select the plants.
(5) And Lastly a pair of earrings that I want to rework into something else, since I hardly wear earrings anymore and hate to see them sitting around and not being used.
And that is it for my "What is it Going to Be" Weekend list. I will sure to show you all the results over the next couple weeks since looks like I have a ton of work ahead of me! 


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower from Mel Dreams Often blog hop


  2. Good luck with the yard planning!! I am following you now from Fancy Fridays! :)

  3. Stopping by from Mel Dreams Often. I am also a New Yorker...born and raised in Brooklyn. My husband is from Manchester (near Candandaigua). Our next duty station will be Canada and we will be retiring right near Fort Drum. Small world. LOL

    I'm already a follower. Come on by my blog when you have a moment. This is what I posted: http://craftybrooklynarmywife.blogspot.com/2011/05/red-simplicity-cynthia-rowley-dress.html

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Stopping in from Mel Dreams Often!


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