A Bits & Pieces Weekend List

Summer is here and I have so many projects that keep popping up in my head that it sometimes it difficult to keep track of them all. I have a few projects for this weekend that include some bits and pieces that have been sitting around. So let's get started with the list..
(1) Pennants. These can been seen all over the blogsphere and I have an idea that I just haven't seen yet.
(2) Encyclopedia Pages. Similar to book page crafts but this one has a little twist. I love this image of the subway in NYC.
(3) Bottle Caps. I have previously made some jewelry with these and I have a few more ideas to share.
(4)Train Case. I received this from my Husband's Grandmother and I can't wait to clean it up and revamp the inside. I love these kinds of projects!
And that is my list of bits and pieces for the Weekend. Be sure to check back next week and see what I have completed!


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