The " I think I Can Make That" Weekend List

As my list grows longer, I keep finding more projects to add to it. It is not a good thing for my list to look at magazines or browse the web and see things that I think I can make. Here are a few things that I have found that I would like to make soon!
(1) Striped Monogram Plates. I see these in every magazine as wall decor and I think I can make them. If not they can be purchased here.
(2) Bucket Tote Organizer. I need to make one for my garden tote. I don't think it should be too difficult just need to figure the pattern.
(3) Leather Bracelet. Now I saw a few versions of this bracelet in a magazine and I have my own spin to add to it. Hope it works.
(4) Everyday Tote Bag. Just a tote to carry a few things back and forth from work everyday. I seem to make about two a year with the change of the seasons. I need to get working on a new one for the summer.
That is my  I think I can make that" Weekend List. Come back next week and see what I actually complete!


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