Weekend List on Friday Thursday

I am taking a tiny break from Blogging tomorrow, so really today is really my Friday and the reason for my weekend list. Hopefully I can get a ton of projects done since I will have three days instead of two. So here are a few things that are on my list.
(1) Colored Stones. Now I picked these up for another project that I am working on but I thinking I might have some leftover and I have a few ideas for them.
(2) Mulch. Yes, more gardening and hopefully our garden will be planted and mulched by the end of the weekend.
(3) Pickle Jars. Now I love pickles and if left unattended with a jar of them, I will eat the entire contents. So I have a few jars hanging around, just waiting to be recycled
(4) 200! I hope to break 200 Followers before my 2 year Blogging Anniversary in July. It has been an amazing 2 years and I really only had about 10 followers for the first year, so 200 to me is amazing.
That is my Friday Thursday List for this week. With an extra day I plan on finishing up some projects and will show results next week!


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