What I Saw Wednesday - New Magazines

While strolling lazily thru the grocery store last weekend to take advantage of the cold air, I came across two magazines that I had never seen before. Both peaked my interest since they both are on subjects and interiors that I love. The first was Atomic Ranch.
This has been published since 2004 (where have I been) and is dedicated to the Midcentury Modern home. It covers the restoration and preservation of homes from 1940's tract house to 1960's Modernism houses. I was immediately in love and vowed to buy a few back issues online.
Second Magazine was Cottage Life
Now I totally miss Cottage Living, but this magazine is all about living the cottage life. It has been published since 1988 (seriously, I have been not living on this planet) and is from Canada. A very informative magazine with information on boating,cottage repairs and green cottage living. A lovely magazine that reminds me a bit of This Old House magazine with it's step by step do it yourself to the way it reads and makes every project look easy. This is on my list as well to find a few back issues to read cover to cover.
It is amazing what you find when you are just wandering on a hot summer day!


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