A Button,Book,Bead and Felt Weekend List

I have a couple project in the works over the the last few weekends and I think that it is time to finish them off. Here is a glimpse of what I started with and what I plan to create.
(1) Felt
I have a super cute idea for my Twin nephews Birthday that involves felt. I don't want to give it away yet since I am in the middle of working on it, but it should sew up quick
(2) Buttons.
I bought a huge lot of buttons that I need to make into some jewelry along with putting it in my Etsy shop since there is only so much I can wear.
(3) Books
Just a few book, Mod Podge and burlap. This is a super quick project that has instant results.
(4) Beads
There are some silvertone bead links from Jewelry I bought at an Estate Sale last weekend. I have since taken them apart and cleaned them and have started the process of reusing them.
So that is my list and most of the projects are already started, so I should have results very soon! 


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