Getting the Creative Juices Back Weekend List

My creativity has been on a vacation this summer along with my brain. I just haven't felt that creative and I am not sure if it is the weather or that I am just burned out. So I have a few things that hope will jump start my creative and spark my brain.
(1) West Elm Pillow
Saw this in the Philly store and I think I can make it. Just some twisted felt and a few stitches. Right?
(2) Headbands
I made of few of these last year but not this style. Great for a summer pick me up and not too expensive.
(3) Recycle some Rhinestones.
While looking thru my jewelry box for something, I came across these necklaces and bracelets. I think I have a great I deal to reuse them in some jewelry design.
(4) Stencils
My neighbor gave these to me after he used the for a project and I have a great idea for them that involves a little sewing. Can't wait to show the results since it is should turn out very cute!
Well that is it for my weekend list, hopefully it sparks me into finishing a few things!


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