An Little Bit of Everything Weekend List

My list of projects keeps growing and this weekends list is a little bit of everything from sewing to spray painting. So let's see what is on the list the weekend.
(1) Shift Dress.
A cute dress from you can make this that would work in the summer or fall. Let's see if my sewing skills are up to the task.
(3) Box  of buttons.
Found at an awesome estate sale last weekend. I have already made a few pieces of jewelry with them, but I have more ideas in the works.
(3) Strips of leather.
More leather that needs to be recycled in to what? I am not sure yet but it will surely be something amazing! (I hope).
(4) Metal Chest.
Another Estate sale find that needs a bit of a bath and a bit of spray paint. I am sure it will turn out to be a winner and great piece for storage.
So that is the list with a little bit of everything!


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