Rhinestone Necklace Recycle

I couple of weeks ago I found these buried in my jewelry box.
I decided I could make something out of them that also used parts of this bracelet.
And some of this old telephone wire.
I just cut of piece of the Rhinestone necklace and wrapped it with wire on to the natural leather cord and I had a brand new bracelet.
Super easy and the end of necklace became the toggle on the bracelet.
I can't wait to wear it and tit cost me $0 since it was all things I already had.
So dig thru your jewelry box and see what you have recycle!


  1. Super cute! Even better that you recycled things you had.

  2. Such a great and creative idea! Hope you will come and share your craft idea at Coffee & Conversation Thursday! http://www.withashotofbrandy.com

  3. Love that you didnt just toss it into the trash or into the good will pile...This is super cute!! Thanks so much for linking up to DIY Diva Thursdays! Would love for you to help spread the word by linking back to the party :)



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