Estate Sale Find Fix Up - Mini Metal Cabinet

A few weeks ago I found this four drawer mini metal cabinet at an awesome Estate sale.
It measures about 6" x 6"x 8" and had four drawers with different space configurations inside each drawer. It was loaded with nails,nuts,bolts and some old bulls eye papers from the 50's. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I knew I could find a use for it. So when the weather was right I broke out the spray paint and painted it white.
It took many coats but it looks great now and I even painted the inside each of the drawers.  And to add some interest inside I add just a little bit scrapbook paper to line each drawer.
Plain paper for the larger drawer.
Plain and striped for the other three drawers. They are the perfect size for thread,buttons or beads.
The cabinet looks lovely with my sewing needs and rest on yet another newly painted metal cabinet that my Brother-In-Law gave me about a year ago. It had been patiently waiting for a fix up as well.

It will be storing some of my antique seam binding, that I keep finding more and more uses for and fit perfectly in the space.
I love when a project is finally done and you can step back and enjoy it and start using it too!


  1. Awesome find and transformation Janet! Thanks for sharing at this week's BFF Open House.

  2. Love all the sewing organization! It looks great.

  3. what of paint did you use?


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