Christmas Card With Magazines and Martha

Every year I decide that I will make my Christmas cards and hope to start them in the summer so I have them done ahead of time. This never happens and I wait until the creative juices start flowing about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. This year I wanted to some how use a recycled material. So I started out with Magazines and a corner punch from Martha Stewart Crafts.
I found the photo corner punch and thought it might work for the idea I had in mind.
I punched out the corners from magazine pages and cut the folded corner off since I really wanted a Chevron sort of shape.
Then proceed to lay them out in a circle to see if they would work for my idea.
Then with glue dot runner applied to each piece, I was left with a wreath.
I added a little ribbon for the bow and my card was done.
Now I just have about 49 more to make!


  1. Brilliant idea and what a wonderful way to recycle!

  2. Such a beautiful Christmas card! I would love if I got this in the mail!! Thanks for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday! We hope that you will come back tomorrow and share more of you amazing ideas!
    Camille @


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