Neck Tie Upcycled to Cuff

I found a large stash of Neck ties at an Estate Sale this past weekend and I had to buy them since I had the perfect idea for an upcycle project.
They were mostly from a long since closed store here in Buffalo,NY and I felt the need to preserve them as well as the tags.
I started by washing them on gentle and removing them immediately and laying flat to dry. They came out a little disfigured but nothing that a little ironing wouldn't fix.
Next I took a seam ripper and opened up the back to take out the interfacing.
I did this for two reasons, it was discolored and had a little odor and it would be easier to sew without this bulk.  I next cut the tie into a piece 10" long and hemmed the edge. Then I sewed two pieces of velcro to each side to make my cuff.
The last step was to sew on a few antique buttons and beads and my cuff was done.
Wow! Looking at this I can't believe how it turned out!.But wait... I made a few more!
Love this one.. Antique Maple leave button and golden bead!
Copper Bead with this tie pattern is stunning!
They were fun to make and I still have so many more ties! I think these might have to go in my Etsy Shop!
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  1. Keep putting all those irons in the fire! These turned out great :)

  2. These are awesome. Please consider linking to the Success U - Wednesday Linkup Party at Thanks

  3. How cute great idea thank you for sharing!!!

  4. These are adorable especially because they still look like ties. The button embellishments are the perfect finishing touch. Very creative!

  5. Great idea! I'd wear these :) You know, so many ties are 100% silk too.


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