Creative Wrapping Ideas

I have always loved to wrap presents, especially at Christmas. As a child I would wrap presents for my Mother at Christmas to help out with gifts for a big family and who knows maybe I wrapped my own from Santa at times. It has always been about presentation to me and using what I have laying around to make my presents unique. This year I am giving some of my jewelry as gifts and wanted a different way to wrap them rather than the standard box. So I started with what I have in my craft stash.
Some blank cards,ribbon,mini garland and Encyclopedia pages. 
I first cut to one piece 3" x 2 1/4" and once piece 4 1/2" x 2 1/4"
Next I sewed two pieces together using red thread and a basic stitch.
I sewed all the way around to create a little envelope.
Next I folded over the top to make my envelope.
Then I punched a hole centered at the top that went thru all three layers.
Next I cut a small rectangle of card stock and threaded my ribbon thru the holes.
Next I tucked in my piece of jewelry carefully in the envelope.
Lastly I adhered it to card stock and then to the card itself.
Then it was done and ready to give!
Simple, easy,unique and a recycling project too!


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